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Promoting online projects since 2012

Marketing for startups, ICOs, investment projects, online platforms and services

Our customers

We are performers, not
intermediaries. That's why we:

  • Have practical experience in promoting online projects
  • Know the whole undercurrent of online platforms, exchanges, ICO
  • Have a huge background on the russian-speaking and other markets
  • Honestly assess the prospects and needs of the project
  • Create marketing strategy
  • Convey the idea of the project to clients and investors

What we can do

Project analysis and market research

Transforming the idea into a full-fledged concept

Development of marketing and PR strategy

Advertising in the media, blogs, forums

Content Marketing and SMM

Communication with potential investors and partners

Our services

We choose the best channels of promotion specifically for your project and budget. We do not believe in common "packages" for everyone
Project analysis
Duration: 1 week +

Project launch analysis

Target market and competitive analysis

Concept and USP development

Project development
Duration: 2 weeks +

Marketing strategy and media plan development, selection of optimal channels for promotion

Project metrics and financial model building

Logo and corporate identity design

Website development

Website and documentation translation into foreign languages

Project legal part elaboration, jurisdiction selection, necessary documentation preparation

Preparing to launch
Duration: 2 weeks +

Personal account development

Team formation and advisors search assistance

Social media pages creation, design and management

Project video promo design

Customer support and F.A.Q. organization

Project promotion
Duration: 3 weeks +

Press release and article writing for Social Media

Article publishing on Social Media

Direct e-mailing to investment funds and private investors

Content marketing

Advertising on search engines

Banner advertising

Social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

Guerrilla marketing on social media

Collaboration with leading bloggers

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